Zane Redmond

Zane Redmond, or InvadeThePlace, is a DJ/Producer from Denver, Colorado. As his career within the EDM scene grew, he decided to move to the great city of Las Vegas, NV, where he would furthermore level up his career with local shows and quality bookings.

InvadeThePlace is an artist that will get the crowd vibing with some feels music but will also play some of the heaviest bass music that will get the crowd’s head bangin’ and moshing around. With his fan-following, also known as “INVASIONGANG,” which he has built over the years, he has gotten to perform alongside some of the biggest names in the dubstep industry, including; Doctor P, Cookie Monster, Marauda, Yookie, Tisoki, Ross, Ace Aura, AFK, GAWM, Symbiotic, Spicy Boys, Cherney, and many more.

InvadeThePlace is currently a co-host on Las Vegas EDM Tonight. He will take viewers behind the scene of his life as a DJ/Producer in Las Vegas. Viewers get a personal perspective of what’s it like to be a musician in Las Vegas, which events he’ll be attending, and feedback on the shows.

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