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Las Vegas EDM is a premier media company based in Las Vegas, NV, a vibrant city catering to electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiasts worldwide. As a prominent EDM podcast and magazine, we offer an immersive experience for our audience. The centerpiece of our podcast is the Las Vegas EDM Podcast, where we bring the pulsating beats and infectious energy of the Las Vegas EDM scene directly to your ears. The Las Vegas EDM Podcast features exclusive interviews with DJs and producers, festival goers sharing their experiences, and performers who grace the stages of the hottest EDM events. In addition to our podcast, our EDM magazine provides in-depth articles, artist profiles, event coverage, expert reviews, and engaging blogs that highlight and celebrate the local EDM establishments and talented artists that make Las Vegas a thriving hub for electronic music. With Las Vegas as our home base, we are deeply connected to the local EDM community and dedicated to showcasing the incredible talent and vibrant scene that exists within the city. Explore Las Vegas EDM for the latest news, interviews, blogs, and exclusive content on EDM music, events, and culture, both locally and globally. Tune in to the Las Vegas EDM Podcast for an unforgettable audio journey through the heart of the EDM capital.

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When you book through Vegas.com, you are helping us with our podcasts, meetups, and open decks. Everything we do is for our love and consideration of our EDM community, in the words of our community, Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (Plur).

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Las Vegas EDM Magazine is an exciting new publication that promises to captivate electronic music enthusiasts, focusing on DJs, producers, dancers, performers, and festival-goers. With a monthly release, the magazine will delve into the vibrant underground scene of EDM in Las Vegas while providing comprehensive coverage of mainstream events, people, fashion, music, and lifestyle. The magazine will embrace the diversity of the EDM community by highlighting different genres, such as shufflers and flow artists, who bring unique styles and energy to the dance floor. Readers can expect in-depth interviews with people from various aspects of the EDM scene people from, shedding light on their creative processes and personal journeys. Las Vegas EDM Magazine aims to be a go-to resource for anyone passionate about the electrifying world of electronic music, celebrating the artists and fans who make the scene come alive.

My deep love for EDM fuels my commitment to ensuring that everyone, from dedicated fans to aspiring artists, has a platform to express themselves and be heard.

Haiyen Vang

Owner of Las Vegas EDM, LLC